Youth Performance Care

At Jordan Chiropractic we offer a specialized evaluation and treatment program for youth athletes ages 8 and up. Dr. Jordan is highly trained in the management and care of all sports injuries as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® and a Certified Athletic Trainer. She works with the area’s top orthopedic physicians and therapists to facilitate referrals as needed. Dr. Jordan has worked with athletes at the highest professional level, including the NFL, MLB, WNBA and various colleges and universities. This experience gives her better treatment options for youth athletes whether they are experiencing pain or trying to improve performance. Emphasis on proper training techniques, injury prevention and sports specialization training ensures the youth athlete success both in and out of sports. Dr. Jordan has participated in the following youth sports: tennis, swimming, soccer, golf and equestrian sports. She then played college tennis and was a tennis instructor for eight years before becoming a chiropractor.

Sports treated include: baseball, football basketball, track & field, tennis, soccer, swimming, golf, lacrosse, rugby, gymnastics, field hockey, volleyball, hockey and equestrian sports.

What We Do

Research has shown that chiropractic is safe and effective for treating children, including youth athletes. An initial evaluation including functional movement screening and sport specific assessments to screen for deficits in range of motion, strength, mobility, proprioception and form. Dr. Jordan’s experience with athletes makes her an excellent first choice for the evaluation and treatment of youth injuries.

Why Us?

Combining traditional chiropractic care with athletic training methods allow for faster recovery time and pain reduction to allow the athlete to continue with training and competition when applicable. All treatments are combined with corrective exercise prescriptions to prevent re-injury. Kinesiotaping, footwear changes, bracing and orthotics will all be considered as needed.

Conditions We Treat

Sports chiropractic can be used for the prevention, maintenance and treatment of many different types of injuries including concussions and post concussion injuries. Chiropractic care in the weeks following a concussion can reduce symptoms and speed up the return to play depending on concussion protocols. Conditions we treat include: back pain, neck pain, concussions, tennis/golfer’s elbow, hip pain, knee pain, iliotibial band syndrome, foot pain, wrist pain, shin splints, rotator cuff syndrome, plantar fasciitis, sprains/strains, headaches and sciatica.

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